To Register for Matchmaking:

Please Print this page, fill in your requests, and fax to:
Attn: Eli Bismut
Fax: Fax: (301) 468-2915

ALLIANCE '96: The U.S. - Israel Bio Partnering Conference Private Meetings ("Matchmaking) Request Form
Name:______________________      Position/Title:________________
Tel:____________________     Fax:________________   E_Mail:_______
I/we have registered for:
  _____ the  full BIO Meeting, or,       _____  the ALLIANCE conference
If you have not yet registered for either BIO or ALLIANCE, please do
 so using the registration form in the ALLIANCE brochure and send 
with payment to BIO '96, Suite 1100, 1625 K Street, N.W. Washington
 DC 20006.
I/we would like to request meetings (30 min.) with the following
 Israeli companies:  (Please see page listing descriptions of
 participating Israeli companies)
Primary Requests:
1. _______________________________
3. _______________________________
4. _______________________________
Alternate Requests
3. _______________________________
Private Meetings will be held from 8:00am - 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 11, 1996.
(Optional) Types of licenses or strategic alliances sought: _____________________________________________________________
Would you like to learn about holding clinical trials in Israel _______
Please fax completed request form no later than May 5, 1996 to:

U.S. Israel Biotechnology Council Attn: Eli Bismut Fax: (301) 468-2915

Meeting slots are limited! Requests will be processed in the order received.