FY 1998 Membership

Annual Membership Invitation

The U.S.-Israel Biotech Council's fiscal year begins September 1, 1997. We have an exciting agenda for FY98, including: New York Biotech Meeting, Oct. 16-17, 1997, BioWest US-Israel Partnering, Jan. '98, San Diego, and the annual Alliance '98 program at Bio '98, June 14-18, New York. We need the support of our members to carry it out.

At the recent Board Meeting in Houston, Texas, the scope of the USIBC was broadened to include all Life Sciences companies: biotech, biomedical, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and natural products. Membership in the USIBC affords Life Sciences companies, services providers and vendors, with the following benefits:

Benefits of USIBC Membership:

And overall satisfaction in helping to catalyze exciting new technologies and business opportunities in both Israel and the U.S.

Membership Dues:

YES,__________________________________ will join and support USIBC.

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Please make check payable to USIBC, 4227 East West Highway, Bethesda, MD 20814

For questions about USIBC or membership, please contact

Eli Bismut at Tel: (301) 913-5402 or 913-5412, Fax: (301) 913-5496, or see our home page: