<center><font size="6">Biotech Market Place:<br></center> </font> <p> Strategic Alliances and Licensing Opportunities

Biotech Market Place:

Strategic Alliances and Licensing Opportunities

Partnering With Israeli Start Ups Companies, Universities
and Research Institutions

Listed below are the Israeli Companies, Universities, and Research Institutions
that are available to meet with you at the USIBC meetings (additional participants anticipated)

Israeli Attendees:

Archaezyme Ltd.

Develops of ultrastable enzyme from Archaea bacteria for industrial and research application.


Use of micro-organisms to turn vegetable wastes & low quality fibrous into high quality feed with high content of crude protein, lactic and acetic acids, carotene and B vitamins.

Cato Research Israel:

Cato plans, manage and analyzes clinical trials and provides expert support to small companies on regulatory and drug development strategies.

Hadasit-Hadassah Hospital:

Promotes and commercializes the applied R&D activities of the Hadassah Medical Organization.


Bio contract production of secondary metabolites utilizing high value components in plant system. The company has Bio-Reactor production capabilities of more than 3,000 liters.

Micro Infusion Ltd:

A disposable miniature infusion pump for ambulatory home care. Capable of replacing existing gravity and volumetric ambulatory devices. Application: Control Analgesia, Hormone Agent, Insulin, Antineoplastic agents and introduction of antimicrobial infusion.

Nova-Sorb Ltd:

Develops, manufactures and markets equipment for the production of absorbent for intelligent wound dressings, controlled drug delivery systems, and use with skin and surgery tissues.

Pharma Whey Ltd.

Develops unique Pharmaceutical Dermatological anti ineffective products from milk whey.


Clinical research organization, Consultation and monitoring services.

Ramot- Tel Aviv University:

Technology Transfer office, holds tittle to over 250 patents. Offer collaboration both proprietary technology as well as general academic know-how and contract research.

Sirotech Ltd.:

Rapid Non-Invasive Bacteria Determination in Platelet Unites

Synergix Ltd:

Creates small molecule pharmaceuticals designed on the basis of their three-dimensional complementary features with biological receptors. The technology can be applied to virtually any target biological system. .

Yeda- Weizmann Institute:

Technology Transfer arm, consider as the "Israel's NIH," the source of many Israelis successful biotech firm as: InterPharm, Pharmos, XTL, Peptor and etc.

Yissum-Hebrew University:

Technology Transfer Arm focus on: pharmaceutical, medical biotech and agricultural .

Yonitech Labs. Ltd:

An innovative massage device for treating foot disorders, in particular peripheral neuropathy in diabetic patients. .

To arrange a FREE matchmaking meeting with the Israeli Partners, please fill in the following form and send it by fax to (301) 468-2915, (attn: Mr. Eli Bismut)

BIO'97: Matchmaking Request

Name: ______________________________ Position/ title: ______________________

Company: _______________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________

Tel: ____________________ Fax: __________________ E-mail___________________

Therapy Interests:

Technologies Used:

Antibody Therapy

Antisense Technology

Carbohydrate Technology

Cell Therapy

Combinatorial Chemistry

Drug Delivery

Genome Research

Gene Therapy

Natural Products




Business Development Sought:

Licensing In

Joint Venture



We would like to request more information and schedule meetings with the following Israeli companies:

1. _____________________________ 3. ___________________________ 2. _____________________________
4. ___________________________

Universities and Research Institutions

Institute, Location, (Science)

Tel Aviv U., Ramot (Ag-Bio, Diagnostics, Therapeutic)
Hebrew U., Yissum(Ag-Bio, Diagnostics, Therapeutic)
Hadassah, Hadassit (Diagnostics, Therapeutic, & CRO)
Weizmann Institute (Ag-Bio, Diagnostics, Therapeutic)
Ben Gurion University (Ag-Bio, Marine-BIO, Ind. Biotech, Diagnostics, Therapeutic)


Company, (Science)

BTG (Diagnostic, Theraputic)
Can-Fite (Theraputic)
DiaGenetics (Theraputic)
D-Pharm (Diagnostic, Theraputic)
Ecogen (Agri. Bio)
IntelliGene (Ind. Biotech, Diagnostic)
Life Science (Agri. Bio)
Orgenics (Diagnostic)
Peptor (Therputic)
Pharmos (Therputic)
Shaligal (Agri. Bio)
Savyon (Diagnostic)
Serum Tech(Agri. Bio, Diagnostic)
Teva (Diagnostic, Theraputic, CRO)
Vitality (Agri. Bio)

This material was prepared for the sole purpose of facilitating private meetings with Israeli companies. The company and technology descriptions were abbreviated due to space limitations. The technologies summarized are merely exemplary but not exhaustive of those in the companies' portfolios. Many more projects not described herein will be presented at the USIBC's conference. Additional Israeli companies are expected to register.

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