About AltRoute

AltRoute is a new business plan competition challenging MBA and environmental studies graduate students to develop breakthrough strategies for reducing dependence on petroleum as a fuel source for powering transportation.  Sponsored by the Fuel Choice Initiative, a program created by the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel, and facilitated by the US Israel Business Council (USI), AltRoute is designed to tap the brainpower of top young minds in the US and Israel to develop the forward thinking energy solutions of tomorrow.


The Competition

Student teams competing in AltRoute will formulate plans and strategies for reducing petroleum oil use in companies or institutions that have or manage a large fleet of vehicles.  Successful plans will demonstrate oil use reduction, economic savings, and a positive environmental impact for an existing company, nonprofit, academic, or governmental institution operating in a specific location.


The Prize

The top ten student teams will be invited to New York City to meet with notable business and academic leaders and deliver their business pitch at a summit event on September 20, 2015.  The student teams with the most innovative response to the transportation energy challenge will be awarded a cash prize of $10,000 and the opportunity to travel to Israel to the annual Fuel Choice Summit in November 2015.